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Awesome game!!!! Nail Biting till the end! Then a victory lap around my apartment while carrying my fiancé on my back!

Normal Daily Diet for 5 weeks:


1 ½ cups of dry cereal (Chex, Cheerios, Special K Corn Flakes), 1 – 2 cups of coffee or

3 eggs over easy with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast or

3 eggs scrambled with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with apricot preserves (sugar free) Read the rest of this entry »

2012 Charity Page is UP!

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Hey Gangstas and Gangstaettes,

Finalized My Charity Hike Page for 2012 and doing a whopping 100 miles for 3 charities. Check out the 2012 Charity Hike page for all the details…..

OH BTW – Any donation $10 or more will automatically enter you into a Raffle son!

Get some!

Water Monkey

Wishing everyone a happy 2012! To ring in the new year the Bumble and I decided to be as gangsta as we possibly can be while still having our usual fun and idiotic antics:

Gangsta Till The End Of The World,

Water Monkey & The Bumble

Water Monkey Cooking Like a Demon… and Eating Like A Fatty Pig Fatty:



Wazzzupppp!!! So I really suck at DIY stuff. I’m really just limited to pot cozies, suspension swap outs and now Beer Can Ring replacements… Check it out, it aint that hard for normal people, slight difficult for Water Monkeys:

Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey

That’s right… Water Monkey can read!!!

Check out this awesome book today:

Reading is Monkey-mental,

Water Monkey

Got some feedback from Hammock Forum.net member BlazeAway regarding the mini atomic stove being more fuel efficient than I have previously stated. OK So I figured I would give this stove its fair moment in the spotlight. And I did get very interesting results:

Always Gangsta and Always FAIR,

Water To The Monkey SON!!!!

Whats up Gangsta’s & Pranksta’s…. Water Monkey laying it down in a bit of a boring way…. lets watch water boil:

Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey


So there’s a challenge out there and I decided to give it a shot. I’m clearly not the winner but I had fun in a gangsta way with the Bumble:

Thug Life,

Water Monkey (That’s Two Words)