100 Mile Hike Training – Day 0 To 5 weeks

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Normal Daily Diet for 5 weeks:


1 ½ cups of dry cereal (Chex, Cheerios, Special K Corn Flakes), 1 – 2 cups of coffee or

3 eggs over easy with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast or

3 eggs scrambled with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with apricot preserves (sugar free)


2 hours later – Yogurt (6 oz) preferred Chobani as it tastes good and has more protein than other brands.


1 hour later – soup (prefer Chicken soup with noodles or brown rice) or a sandwich with whole wheat bread


2 hours later – 1 cup of dry cereal and a cup of green tea


1 hour later – fruit (normally a banana)

Work out time


4 eggs scrambled with cheese and salsa


Salad with chicken, croutons, cheese (salsa or ranch dressing)

And fruit for dessert (prefer raspberries or black berries but I also eat strawberries, bananas, grapes, blue berries)

Next 5-10 weeks I will be introducing more protein and carbs as this will be my heavy lifting phase and I want to promote muscle growth as opposed to fat and weight cutting. My breakfasts will basically be the same. Lunches and Dinners will be the major changes with minor changes to snacks. As part of this I will be introducing protein shakes 1 hour before a work out for a lifting day and use a muscle growth formula (Size On) to help aid in increasing lean muscle mass.

Work Out Routine:

The following was my routine for 5 weeks. Each lifting day (3 days a week) consisted of 3 work out routines for each muscle group with 4 sets (10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, max out rep with light weight). All lifting days I ran for 20 minutes using interval running (2 min 6mph, 2 min up to 8.7mph) or 20 minutes on a simulated summit climbing machine. 2 of the lifting days I did the interval running and 1 day I did the summit machine (focusing on high intense cardio more). At the end of the lifting I do 100 reps of an ab routine preferably with weights.

Non-lifting days I focused 15 minutes on running at 6mph with interval incline running (2 min flat, 2 min at 10% incline). After the run I did 300 reps of various ab routines without weights (total workout was approx 30-45 min). I also hit the Thai Bag at my dojo for 12 rounds @ 3 min each with a 60 second rest in between on Sundays.

I scheduled 1 to 2 days of rest through out each 7 day work out cycle often changing the days off from week to week to engage muscle confusion.

The following were the exercises used (3 Exercises were used for each muscle group for each training session and I tried to keep it varied each week):

Work Out Day 1 (Chest & Biceps):

Chest Press Flat (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Incline (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Decline (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Decline Machine

Chest Press Incline Machine

Flat Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

Pectoral Raises (cables)

Barbell Curls (inner grip)

Barbell Curls (outer grip)

Dumbbell Curls

Hammer Curls

Rope Curls

Cable Curls

Work Out Day 2 (Quads & Triceps):

45 degree leg press

90 degree leg press

Leg Extensions

Seated Leg Press


Dumbbell extensions

Kickbacks (cables)

Skull Crushers

Seated Triceps Dips (Machine)

Triceps Rope pull downs

Weighted Dips (45lbs)

Work Out Day 3 (Back, Hamstrings, Shoulders):

Dumbbell Rows

Lat Pull Downs

Pull Ups

Seated Rows (Cables)

MTS High Rows (Machine)

MTS Low Rows (Machine)

Hamstring Curls (Machine)

Lunges (Dumbbells)

Glute Kick Backs (Machine)

Posterior & Anterior (Cables)

Military Press (Dumbbells)

Reverse Flys (Dumbbells)

Lateral Raise (Machine)

Standing Front Raise (Dumbbells)

Shoulder Press (Machine)

The next 10 weeks I will change the routine sets to focus on heavier weights making the max set on the heaviest set I can do for 2-4 reps instead of lighter weight max I did the previous 5 weeks. Also I will increase my ab routine to include approx 200 reps during lifting days to help offset the increase in calorie intake for muscle growth.

  1. Arok says:

    Role Model! I’m thinking hard about following this plan of yours.

    • First 2 weeks of any work out routine and diet program is the worst. Hardest part is saying NO to all the crap foods you used to enjoy. After 2 weeks it becomes more of a routine and it starts to be easier.

      First 3 weeks my cardio was hurting and I was huffing and puffing after the interval running. Now it’s like a normal day at work lol. I run, I sweat, I lift, I go home.

      Oh and I forgot to mention Water is the key. Limit fruit juices and soda. In fact take soda out of the equation all together. Way too much sugar.

  2. Joslyn says:

    That’s a diet even my picky self could be down with! For me the running is the hardest part of any exercise regimen. I’m a sprinter and to get good cardio ya gotta keep going long after I’ve stopped.

  3. Stick says:

    Hey man, I commented on the YT video, but it has a character limit…

    Anyway, thanks for posting your routines and diets. I will bookmark them…

    I just started working out with a buddy 2.5 weeks ago. We go in the mornings at 5:15 since I have to be at work by 7 and my work hours can fluctuate…so the morning is the best time…plus I can get it done and be done you know… 🙂

    We do 3 exercises, 3 sets each on abs first thing. Then we do a muscle group. We typically go M-F so we do 1 a day: chest, shoulders, back, tri, and biceps. Then on Saturday we do abs, and then some legs. We usually do 3 different exercises with 3 sets each here too.

    We go to a gym called The Zone. They offer a cool class called Body Pump. I have taken it in the past and it is awesome. I plan to start incorporating that in on Saturday mornings I think. I have also considered going and using a treadmill for 20 – 30 minutes each day after work…

    Our diet is low carb. I started really good on it, but I just changed it a little by adding in the steel cut oats with a little honey and blueberries for breakfast rather than eggs and turkey sausage. I can only imagine what my cholesterol must look like with no carbs…

    Anyway, I am not suggesting you do what I am doing. I was just talking to talk…

    Keep it up man and good luck!


    • I find if I want really good fat loss cardio is the key. I cardio my face off. I became a cardio junkie when I started grappling and full contact fighting 15 years ago. So it became a routine. I complement the aerobic exercise with heavy bag training to get the anerobic exercise in too. 12 rounds on the bag which equates to 48 minutes (3 min rounds 1 min rest) will go to town on your ass!!!

      Carbs are good for you especially if you are looking to build muscle mass. I tend to low carb it during my weight cutting routine which is what I showed in this video and post. Heading off to the grocery store now to get ready for my heavy lifting phase. It’s nothing that spectacular just heavier weights.

  4. Norm says:

    Sick workout WM! Good that you’re including cardio and abs. So many people skip that.

    I just finished the first week of P90X, after basically 2.5 years away from the gym (previously a 6-day/wk guy until my first kid was born). Your observation about the first few weeks of any workout routine being the hardest is spot on.

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve been supplementing with a pre-workout supplement called Jack3D. I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill my kidneys, but I absolutely DESTROY the workouts…. At any rate, keep up the good work!

    • Glad you liked it. I’m officially 2 weeks in on my heavy lifting phase. I’m squatting 450lbs on my max set and I’m at 205 lbs benching on my max. I’m normally at the 235 lbs max bench but that injury in 2011 took a lot of my strength away on my bench.

      I’ve done a few supplements in the past and I’ve settled on the Size On supplement if I want to gain a little more mass without getting bloated or have my midsection get a little chubby. I did 2 cycles of Creatine a couple of years ago and I filled out but I was also bloated and my cardio suffered cause I gained a lot of water weight. I also used to double up on the protein shakes and that also gave me a chubby belly no matter how much I ran. I think I found the right mix of supplements and food intake. Took me a few years of experimenting. Plus after a cycle I tend to take about 4-6 months off of them to let them completely cycle through my system.

      I hear you on being out of the game for over 2 years. I took about the same time off when I studied for my CPA exam. Worst 2 years of my life… everyday I studied UGH!!! Getting back after that layoff was definitely very tough.

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