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You wanna know what the Water Monkey is Carrying?

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Comming the Winter of 2011

  1. Turbo says:

    Have you tried any Cuben winter door tarps yet? Is it better to sew ridge line or tape? Loops or plastic adjusters?

    • I just received one and will have video of it soon. However, actual testing wont be conducted until November 2011 and January 2012. The sewn vs taped is still being debated and we wont know for a few years. I prefer taping because I dont have to seam seal.

      Loops or plastic adjusters… either or. I have no preference.

  2. Turbo says:

    What brand? And size is it? Is it the sewn type?

    I have insulation material that is like bubble wrap with r14 value. Worried about sweat…. So what do you think about getting the gossamer pad and gluing it to one or both side for moisture control? I have feather friends pertex 900 fill bag that is 10* plus 3oz more fill weight is 2lbs 3.9 oz in stuff sack that I just got this week …. Will that work in zero to 20 weather? I have been looking at your YouTube stuff and decided also on war bonnet but not sure if I should get the double 1.1 or 1.7? Wonder if lighter would block more wind?
    I live in norther az so it gets cold and windy……

  3. hammock gear cuben tarp… modified to be 11′ long and 10.5′ wide with integrated doors. Gonna cost around $365. This will be my winter tarp. All taped and glued.

    As far as the bags are concerned you really have to test it out in your backyard. Everyone sleeps differently (hot, cold, neutral). Took me a while to figure out I was a neutral sleeper (thought I was a cold sleeper).

    For winter I recommend an underquilt. Easier to deal with, no condensation. Your pads will work but in those temps condensation will become a problem.

    Check out warbonnet’s site. They give info on the different fabrics. I usually go lighter but I only weigh 150lbs. The fabric doesnt block wind it just aids in a flatter lay and more support. Your insulation system and tarp are your only combat against wind.

    Read up on my tarp blog it may help you out there. As well as my winter blogs and videos.

    • I’m aware of this. Stick and I did a cross review between my ULA rain wrap and his Cloud Kilt. I think the functionality of the Rain Wrap is better due to 2 reasons – it’s wider and allows for better movement and it has velcro to seal most of it up to keep the slit from opening up and drenching your legs as you walk. Not sure if there has been any modifications to the cloud kilt designs since our cross review.

  4. Nathan says:

    I may have missed it because I haven’t watched the videos for a couple months… which poles are you using?

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