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Oh my what a trip… Rained almost every day… Tree fell 100 yards away from where I slept… Got chased by a grouse on my victory lap and I did my first 21 miler today!

All 116 miles have been hiked. Just waiting for my train to take me home. Videos will start to be posted later this week.

116 miles done in 8 trail days plus one Zero day.

Water Monkey

Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey

So…. my training is basically over…. well it was over last week I just didn’t want to admit it. I’m in the low weight medium rep stage of the training so I’m not heavy lifting until after the event. T minus 1 week and 1 day to go until trail time. This week all I did was light weight with 10 reps each set for 3 sets and I knocked it down from 3 exercises per muscle group to 2 exercises. Cardio is a toggle between 15 and 20 minutes…. leaning on the 15 minutes cause I’m just so damn bored of the cardio machines. (more…)

Congratulations to the Winners!!!! It was noted that there were a bunch of Non-Hikers who won the raffle. So if they decline their winnings I will re-raffle before I head out:

$10 Donation Winners:

Whoopie Slings, Single Tarp Ridgeline and Carbon Toggles – G. Smith – NY

10% Discount from Zpacks – M. Grassi – NY

25% Discount from ULA Equipment – M. Wolfe – NY

Custom Beer Can Pot Lid Winners from Smokeeater908 – S. Phoune (NY); F. Leslie (NY), T. Forret (IL), M. Grassi (NY), G. Smith (NY)

Ultimate Hang Book by Derek Hansen – H. Rassmussen – MN

$25 Donation Winners:

Down Socks from Goosfeet Gear – A. Oresto – NY

Silnylon Rain Jacket from Luke’s Ultralight – A. Reichel – NY

Georgia Heat Stove – C. Coulton – MD

Mini Heat Cook Kit w/ Pot from Smokeeater908 – A. Herman – MD

NKT Hammock from NK Outdoors – S. Olivari – NY

Rana Neck Knife from Diaz Tools – S. Waits – TN

Deluxe Hammock fro White Mountain – H. Rassmussen, MN

$50 Donation Winners:

Blackbird Hammock from Warbonnet Outdoors – F. Smith – NC

40*F Top Quilt from Hammock Gear – S. Dunmire – MN

40*F Under Quilt From Hammock Gear – P. Rodriguez – NY

Water Monkey Cooking Like a Demon… and Eating Like A Fatty Pig Fatty:



Wazzzupppp!!! So I really suck at DIY stuff. I’m really just limited to pot cozies, suspension swap outs and now Beer Can Ring replacements… Check it out, it aint that hard for normal people, slight difficult for Water Monkeys:

Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey

Water Monkey represents how he ties up his guy lines and stows them away…. Droppin Knowledge Everywhere:

Keep Thuggin,

Water Monkey

Ok you experienced hikers…. You may want to pass on reading most of this as this section is really geared toward noobs.

Wait… why you still reading? Oh you’re a noob, well welcome to the ever changing madness of choosing your food for hiking.

I’m going to start by writing I do NOT have all this food business dialed in. And to be honest I don’t think I ever will because I’m always trying new things. BUT I believe I have this figured out enough to provide you with some solid guidance on how to choose your meals.

Now to choose your meals lets break this down into 3 categories:

1) Weight of food
2) Calorie In-take/Nutrition
3) Variety (more…)