Charity Hike Raffle Winners!!!

Posted: May 19, 2012 in General Hiking

Congratulations to the Winners!!!! It was noted that there were a bunch of Non-Hikers who won the raffle. So if they decline their winnings I will re-raffle before I head out:

$10 Donation Winners:

Whoopie Slings, Single Tarp Ridgeline and Carbon Toggles – G. Smith – NY

10% Discount from Zpacks – M. Grassi – NY

25% Discount from ULA Equipment – M. Wolfe – NY

Custom Beer Can Pot Lid Winners from Smokeeater908 – S. Phoune (NY); F. Leslie (NY), T. Forret (IL), M. Grassi (NY), G. Smith (NY)

Ultimate Hang Book by Derek Hansen – H. Rassmussen – MN

$25 Donation Winners:

Down Socks from Goosfeet Gear – A. Oresto – NY

Silnylon Rain Jacket from Luke’s Ultralight – A. Reichel – NY

Georgia Heat Stove – C. Coulton – MD

Mini Heat Cook Kit w/ Pot from Smokeeater908 – A. Herman – MD

NKT Hammock from NK Outdoors – S. Olivari – NY

Rana Neck Knife from Diaz Tools – S. Waits – TN

Deluxe Hammock fro White Mountain – H. Rassmussen, MN

$50 Donation Winners:

Blackbird Hammock from Warbonnet Outdoors – F. Smith – NC

40*F Top Quilt from Hammock Gear – S. Dunmire – MN

40*F Under Quilt From Hammock Gear – P. Rodriguez – NY

  1. Totally cool… Can’t believe I actually won something! Water Monkey you are a big winner in my book
    … What you are doing say so. BTW, Yes, I am a hike! G. Smith from NY… Otherwise known a Mofongoconpernil… Mofongo for sort!

  2. Floyd Smith says:

    Wow! A Blackbird hammock and carbon toggles! Thanks Raul, Shane and Brandon! Great causes – keep up the good work Water Monkey!

  3. C. Culton says:

    Holy Crap I won! Thanks Monkey! Have a great safe hike!

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