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Yeah Yeah Yeah…. another Winter Hiking Blog…. You love it stop frontin!

Winter is the least forgiving season to have something go wrong in. Like wise it is also the worst season to just get up and go into the trails with a piece of kit that you have never tested.

I know… I did it and I paid the price for it. I’ll never go out in the winter without fully knowing what my gear can do for me and what limitations it has EVER again. (more…)

Well I really didn’t expect to receive such a good response to my winter hiking and hammocking blog. But I’ve received a few emails about my gear list for the winter and I really wanted to clarify a few things for the winter noobs starting out. My gangsta ass had a lot of error and twice as many trials before I attempted an overnight winter hike/hammock hang. Here’s a few thoughts on my gear failures: (more…)

Wiggity Water Monkey in the house yet again peeps!!! This time I’d like to discuss Winter Hiking/Camping and how it relates to hammocking.

This aqua-simian has many thoughts on the matter since I’ve been winter hiking for 2 solid winters so I will do my best to categorize my thoughts and keep it in a way which is less of a ramble and more of a “best practices”. Now I said do my best… I won’t guarantee anything! OOOK OOOK Playa. (more…)