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Oh my what a trip… Rained almost every day… Tree fell 100 yards away from where I slept… Got chased by a grouse on my victory lap and I did my first 21 miler today!

All 116 miles have been hiked. Just waiting for my train to take me home. Videos will start to be posted later this week.

116 miles done in 8 trail days plus one Zero day.

Water Monkey

I’ve seen a few questions about which partial under quilt would be a better fit for someone. The questions have basically been coming down to HammockGear’s 3/4 Phoenix or Warbonnet’s 2/3 Yeti. Since I had both I figured I would put them head to head to help those out as to which one would be better for them based on visuals:


Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey

That’s right… Water Monkey can read!!!

Check out this awesome book today:

Reading is Monkey-mental,

Water Monkey


So there’s a challenge out there and I decided to give it a shot. I’m clearly not the winner but I had fun in a gangsta way with the Bumble:

Thug Life,

Water Monkey (That’s Two Words)

Yo Yo Yo…. What happens when the Monkey is forced to wait for a custom design… well he starts thinking of how to present it… and idol monkeys produce ridiculous movies:

So far the only thing I’m not happy with is the stuff sack. Seems a pain to stuff back in so I’m going to be looking for a bigger stuff sack make things easier.

Other than that…. can’t wait to test this bad boy out on my next adventure in November 2011!!!

Always Gangsta and totally insane,

Water Monkey

Water Monkey represents how he ties up his guy lines and stows them away…. Droppin Knowledge Everywhere:

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Water Monkey

Some peeps out there spoutin and frontin…. Water Monkey Represents… but in a nice way:

Dont Funk with the Monk.

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Water Monkey

Yeah Yeah Yeah…. another Winter Hiking Blog…. You love it stop frontin!

Winter is the least forgiving season to have something go wrong in. Like wise it is also the worst season to just get up and go into the trails with a piece of kit that you have never tested.

I know… I did it and I paid the price for it. I’ll never go out in the winter without fully knowing what my gear can do for me and what limitations it has EVER again. (more…)

Ok you filthy animals. Let’s talk tarps. Over the past 3 years I’ve been cycling through a series of tarps ranging from different sizes to different materials looking for that ONE tarp to rule them all. Well I haven’t exactly found that ONE tarp but I have zeroed in on what I need for 3 season and winter season.

Now I will stress that a tarp is a mere personal choice based on exactly what YOU are looking for as far as coverage, weight and price. This is just my personal preferences and my Pros and Cons of each that I have noticed: (more…)

Well I really didn’t expect to receive such a good response to my winter hiking and hammocking blog. But I’ve received a few emails about my gear list for the winter and I really wanted to clarify a few things for the winter noobs starting out. My gangsta ass had a lot of error and twice as many trials before I attempted an overnight winter hike/hammock hang. Here’s a few thoughts on my gear failures: (more…)