Tarp Lines & Take Downs

Posted: October 22, 2011 in General Hiking, Hammock Camping

Water Monkey represents how he ties up his guy lines and stows them away…. Droppin Knowledge Everywhere:

Keep Thuggin,

Water Monkey

  1. LightHiker says:

    Good videos and info. I have been camping for over 40 years. While most of it was some sort of ground-setup camping, I converted to hammocking and have over 500 nights thus far, including extreme weather (hurricane, blizazard, storms, snow, 0 degree temps, winds, etc). It is difficult to think of going back to ground camping again…once you learn to swing, nothing less is good enough ;).

    I am switching to a cuben gear set. Who is your supplier? I really liked the Cuben tarp you had made…it is almost exactly like my silnylon setup that I recently re-coated (very successfully, after 500 nights of use). I am also retiring my tyvek undersling and want to get an ultralight underquilt of strategically top-vented cuben.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hammock Gear is my winter tarp that I got made up. You can also check out zpacks or OES tarps. OES you will need to request one specifically made of cuben. Bit of a wait too. For the time being Hammock Gear will accomodate most custom orders and they have been dealing with integrating cuben with top and under quilts.

  2. Nice video, what kind of cord are you using for your guylines and ridgeline?

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