Winter Palace Cuben Tarp

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Gear Reviews, Hammock Camping

Yo Yo Yo…. What happens when the Monkey is forced to wait for a custom design… well he starts thinking of how to present it… and idol monkeys produce ridiculous movies:

So far the only thing I’m not happy with is the stuff sack. Seems a pain to stuff back in so I’m going to be looking for a bigger stuff sack make things easier.

Other than that…. can’t wait to test this bad boy out on my next adventure in November 2011!!!

Always Gangsta and totally insane,

Water Monkey

  1. Daren says:

    I was looking for some ideas on setting up my big mambajamba. Now I have them. Nice video. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Stick says:

    Sweet tarp man. I like your idea/use of the shock cords on the corners to close the doors. I will have to remember that one. Also, I tie out the side panel pull outs on my tarp just as you do, only a little different. I tied large loops of shock cord directly to the side panel tie outs and then a section of MLD liteline. There are loops in them as well that I slip over the tip of my trekking pole but then I follow them down and tie them off. However, if it is possible I like to tie off the side panels pull outs separately just because it seems to do better. With both of them pulled together, it sort of dimples the middle of the tarp.

    • Yeah I noticed the dimples too when I tie to one point for both side tie outs… BUT I also find bringing more cord or more stakes to tie out to a PITA. So I figured I save weight and aggravation and deal with a dimple which really doesnt cause much of a problem anyway.

  3. turbo says:

    So there are no cat cuts or modified cats? Whats the ridgeline seam look like?

    • According to Stormcrow there’s a 3″ cat cut in the ridgeline.

      The seam of the ridgeline is similar if not the same as the attachment of the additional cuben section added to make the tarp 10.5′ wide. I did a close up on that section to give you an idea.

  4. Ironman says:

    If we hike together maybe you could leave the “Mountain Dew” at home.

  5. Rich "Stonehooligan" R says:

    Nice video dude. Finally subscribed.

  6. I can’t believe how much room is inside it too. I like how stormcrow just added on to his others and I think that would be a really easy way to help crank some out faster when more people want one.

    Great job on the video and keep throwing Bumble in your vids. The kid makes an awesome water monkey side kick.


    • Glad you liked it! Yeah the goal is to get that boy on the trail one day. We shall see. Xbox is a tough contender. That new Batman Game Arkam City has his attention sucked up.

  7. Bluejeans says:

    Water Monkey,

    Best video yet! Your getting more creative in your videos- awesome! Really like the guy out demo and some good ideas.

  8. STinGa says:

    As mentioned above, another top notch video. That tarp really looks huge; you could probably fit you, Bumble, and a few others under there. I can’t wait to see that beauty in action.

    STinGa (making more notes of nifty tips to use)

  9. trinni says:

    Hey Bro —

    Great video! Like the whole thing — but the intro is way too cool!

    There’s only one thing I’d reconsider: You might want to use thicker shockcord for the tieouts in winter time. Thinner shockcord tends to get stiff in the cold.


  10. bunaka says:

    Hey WM,

    Not sure if you saw my thread over on, but I made one of these from 1.1 sil. using the dimensions that stormcrow posted. Weighs in at 663 g or 23.3 oz. I couldn’t be bothered sewing cat cuts, but it still pitches very nicely. Sorry to hear about your tie-out coming loose.


  11. Isheian says:

    You never did mention how much u paid!

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