Trip – Tale of the Blue Kilt Part 1

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Trip Reports & Video

Oh yeah Water Monkey is out gangsta style in the woods for 3 days 2 nights. Got 2 batteries for my camera and I’m out to have a grand ole time.

The first video is meant to NOT disappoint all those who are expecting me being an idiot in the woods! This part is from off the train to the first shelter and everything in between!

I’m droppin a bunch of shout outs and if I missed anyone I am sorry I’m just out there winging it:

Thug Life,

Water Monkey

  1. mark says:

    told you that you needed some supplemental fur under that quilt. 😉

    Another good vid, thanks.

  2. bearchaser says:

    Nicely done, again, & no stick pik. Adapt & overcome, I had a similar thing happen to me this past weekend with archery season in. Even though I could be seen and heard, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to turn around & head back. The trail I was on was tight, bushy, blinding turns with the sun in my face. All I could thing of was a black bear with an arrow stuck in its ass pissed off, who wouldn’t be. I doubt that it would care that I wasn’t the one that did it either. The further I went, the more bear sign I saw, my internal fears finally got the best of me and I turned.

    Look forward to the next part.

    • Yeah the mind can be a terrible thing when it starts thinking the worst. I had a rough spot the first night as I heard some wicked things in the dark that night. I just buckled down and kept the knife close. Whatever it was, it may walk over but it’s limping back I’m no easy meal!

  3. STinGa says:

    Nothing beats watching the Water Monkey struttin’ his stuff on the trail. I’ve been too busy chasing the STinGa-ettes the past few weeks to get out and explore, so I have been getting vicarious trail time from the net.

    Thanks for sharing the trail!


  4. Jerzybears says:

    I feel you on the hunting stuff Raul! Russ and I were backpacking in the western catskills on the Finger Lakes Trail and it sounded like Vietnam out there!!! To quote Tom Lehrer
    “I always will remember,
    ‘Twas a year ago November,
    I went out to hunt some deer
    On a mornin’ bright and clear.
    I went and shot the maximum the game laws would allow,
    Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.”

  5. Greg,, tbone on hammock forums says:

    Good video. You should ditch the red bandanna though, a turkey hunter could potentially mistakenly identify that as a tom birds beard.

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