Trip – Tale of the Blue Kilt Part 2

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Trip Reports & Video

Finishing off day 1…. Will The Water Monkey make it to his destination? Well lets take a gander shall weeeeee:

Thug Life,

Water Monkey

  1. bearchaser says:

    Hold your feet over the smoke of your fire. It helps reduce and kill bacteria.

    I know you like the lightweight, I do also, but I have found that my GPS unit has saved me a few miles and time. The Garmin Oregon 450 unit I have weighs 7.5oz. That weight is well worth the time and miles it has saved me. It has allot of feature you would love.

    Thanks once again for taking us along. I think so far this is my favorite adventure to watch. Maybe its because it’s not me in misery this time.;) Can’t wait for the next part.

    • I’m familiar with that stretch and not knowing is half the fun for me! Besides I had a map of the area.

      I wanted to start a fire that night… I really did but I couldnt get one going at ALL and my water didnt want to boil either. Rough night for the Monkey let me tell you!

  2. Stephen says:

    Bail because one tie out failed? Good grief I hope not, wrap a stone in it and use a knot. Then enjoyed that awesome scenery for another day or two.

    • Cuben fiber is not the most abraision resistant material out there. I ended up working something out. Stay tuned…….

      • Stephen says:

        I understand that it isn’t but I’d have to reconsider my gear choice if something so “minor” could derail a whole trip. Being out is more important especially on what appears to be a really nice weekend. (yeah I’m jealous :))


      • I would respond in detail but that would give too much away. Stay tuned and I worked it out for the night and the rest of the trip. Thanks for watching.

  3. Like Stephen said. That was a almost nothing GF. Thanks for the ride. That was one long day on the trail you had.

    • Yeah it was long. I was totally goofing off in the woods more than hiking that day. If I would have kept my usual 2.5 mph pace I probably could have made the 20 mile mark. But I was just too damn happy to be in the woods to care about mileage.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I use the same Inov8 shoes. I like them so much better than stupid clunky boots. Looking forward to your continued adventures.

  5. Pat Combee says:

    Nutbutter – nanner flatbread sandwich. Sounds like ole Elvis meets Watermonkey!
    Nice videos. Getting late here, so the rest I will watch tomorrow night.
    Sounds like you been having fun this trip. Always good to be on the AT

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