Trip – Tale of the Blue Kilt Part 3

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Trip Reports & Video

Lets recap where we left off – someone stole my spare tire off my jeep, forgot my stick pic, lost my sunglasses somewhere on the trail, I couldn’t get a fire started at night, my water took forever to boil, and my tarp tie out went kaput…. Well at least the world is my toilet. Lets see how Day 2 works out for me (get some pop corn it’s a 20 minute video):

Thug Life,

Water Monkey

  1. Fire. Thats one down…Wow field repair by Strom Crow.Thats 2. Glad you didn’t bail.
    After all a bad day camping beats a good day at work.

  2. Bear Chaser says:

    Even brought along the sewing machine, nice. I’m still LMAO on Keebler Elf Mode. Another great day. Wish you had time to hit the trail more often, I look forward to everyday a new WM vid. Can’t wait to see what you and the Slug get into on No. 4.

  3. dragon360 says:

    Fantastic the the Hammock Gear crew made it out to you to help save the day! Absolutely mind-blowing. Looks like this run is working out well for you out in the pineys! Stuck at the desk – these videos help make it through the days. Looking forward to Part 4.

    • Yeah man I was blown away. I was even fighting with Adam about not coming. You can clearly see who won that argument. I really wanted them to hike the trail with me and spend a night instead of spending an entire day in a car. But I understand they had family obligations to consider. Spent about an hour and a half with them and it was a laid back awesome time well spent!

  4. STinGa says:

    This is a mini-series in the making. A new fix every night when I get to work. Gotta throw some serious atta-boys to the trail side / track side gear repair.

    WM … keep ’em coming.


  5. Pat Combee says:

    Adam and Jenny are awesome! I knew what Adam looked like, but seeing Jenny was nice, since her personal, Thorwren logo is on my rockin’ 3-season Phoenix UQ. The big box boys could learn something about customer service from these two. Thanks for another awesome vid!

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