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Wiggity Water Monkey in the house yet again peeps!!! This time I’d like to discuss Winter Hiking/Camping and how it relates to hammocking.

This aqua-simian has many thoughts on the matter since I’ve been winter hiking for 2 solid winters so I will do my best to categorize my thoughts and keep it in a way which is less of a ramble and more of a “best practices”. Now I said do my best… I won’t guarantee anything! OOOK OOOK Playa. (more…)

The Lightest Hammock Set Up?

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Hammock Camping

So I was approached to do a blog about the “lightest” hammock set up from a hammockforum member deGuerre. I have to say the Monkey is a bit apprehensive about this. Why? Well first I have a biological advantage in this hammock world than most people. I’m short… Like really short.

How short am I?

Some short jokes from my friends:

I’m so short I can play handball off a curb
I’m so short Oompa Loompas look down to talk to me
I’m so short I have to reach up to tie my shoes
I’ve even been called a “Brownie” from the movie WILLOW…. Stupid Dikinies! (more…)

Is a Hammock a shelter?

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Hammock Camping

So as I sit in my hotel room bored out of my mind after doing accounting work I find myself reading hiking forums and as it turns out I find something worth evaluating a bit deeper…. Yes another hammock blog. You’ve been warned if you hate hammocks stop reading now and save yourself.

What, you still reading?

OK so there’s a debate that I seem to find myself in…. is a hammock a shelter at all? OR is the Tarp the shelter? If you paid careful attention to my previous blog about Tent-Hammock weight you will know my stance on the subject. But I’ll elaborate for ya. (more…)

Usually there seems to be an ongoing conflict between tenters and hammockers on backpacking forums. Why… no friggin clue. Well I may have a clue. Most tenters dont think hammocking is a viable shelter system while the hammockers tend to try and “spread the word” of hammocking a little too much.

Now the conflict doesn’t bother me most of the time. What bothers me is that many non-hammockers or short term hammockers toss out that hammocking weighs more than tenting and tarping. (more…)