How To Video – Beer Can Ring Replacement

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Gear Reviews, General Hiking


Wazzzupppp!!! So I really suck at DIY stuff. I’m really just limited to pot cozies, suspension swap outs and now Beer Can Ring replacements… Check it out, it aint that hard for normal people, slight difficult for Water Monkeys:

Stay Gangsta,

Water Monkey

  1. kuntryrd says:

    To make it easier to smooth out the cut can top, I use the bottom of another can of the same type to smooth out the edges and it also helps to expand the top edge a bit. Don’t press too much though or you will split you pot can.
    Short of it: I cut my fosters can to the height I want; then I take a full fosters can and set the bottom of the full can inside the rim of the cut can and run it gently around it. It works real smooth. The first can I tried, I never did get the ring, but using the can-in-can method, I did the next one in under a minute flat.

  2. 11chen says:

    Hi WM, if you put the ring in your freezer, it will shrink a little bit and will slip a lot more easier into the can. By warming up to the room temperature it will expand and should sit tight in the can.
    You also make your work much easier by using for example a flat piece of wood, which you lay on top of the ring/can when “hammering” the ring down. This will spread out the pressure over the two counterpart sides of the ring and it should not flip around.
    Well, maybe. Give it a try 😉

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