2012 Charity Page is UP!

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Gangstas and Gangstaettes,

Finalized My Charity Hike Page for 2012 and doing a whopping 100 miles for 3 charities. Check out the 2012 Charity Hike page for all the details…..

OH BTW – Any donation $10 or more will automatically enter you into a Raffle son!

Get some!

Water Monkey

  1. edward sousa says:

    hey watermonkey its sousaville from youtube…nice blog bro…..heading to the donation site…good luck..i may be able to meet you for a portion of the hike. Double J…OUT!!!! lol

    • Schweet! I should be finalizing my plans today if I can get a hold of my partner at my accounting firm. He’s shaky on me leaving for 2 weeks in a row but I have used the jedi mind trick before and I shall us it again….. This is not the hispanic you are looking for….

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