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So…. my training is basically over…. well it was over last week I just didn’t want to admit it. I’m in the low weight medium rep stage of the training so I’m not heavy lifting until after the event. T minus 1 week and 1 day to go until trail time. This week all I did was light weight with 10 reps each set for 3 sets and I knocked it down from 3 exercises per muscle group to 2 exercises. Cardio is a toggle between 15 and 20 minutes…. leaning on the 15 minutes cause I’m just so damn bored of the cardio machines. Read the rest of this entry »


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Looks like a few people who are non hikers have declined their prizes so I have re-raffled the prizes:

10% discount to – D. DeLaiarro – NY

25% discount to ULA Equipment – W. Roddey – SC

Custom beer can pot lids:

R. Romas – MI
J. Henegar – TN

Congratulations to the winners. Emails will go out soon!!!

Kind regards,


Congratulations to the Winners!!!! It was noted that there were a bunch of Non-Hikers who won the raffle. So if they decline their winnings I will re-raffle before I head out:

$10 Donation Winners:

Whoopie Slings, Single Tarp Ridgeline and Carbon Toggles – G. Smith – NY

10% Discount from Zpacks – M. Grassi – NY

25% Discount from ULA Equipment – M. Wolfe – NY

Custom Beer Can Pot Lid Winners from Smokeeater908 – S. Phoune (NY); F. Leslie (NY), T. Forret (IL), M. Grassi (NY), G. Smith (NY)

Ultimate Hang Book by Derek Hansen – H. Rassmussen – MN

$25 Donation Winners:

Down Socks from Goosfeet Gear – A. Oresto – NY

Silnylon Rain Jacket from Luke’s Ultralight – A. Reichel – NY

Georgia Heat Stove – C. Coulton – MD

Mini Heat Cook Kit w/ Pot from Smokeeater908 – A. Herman – MD

NKT Hammock from NK Outdoors – S. Olivari – NY

Rana Neck Knife from Diaz Tools – S. Waits – TN

Deluxe Hammock fro White Mountain – H. Rassmussen, MN

$50 Donation Winners:

Blackbird Hammock from Warbonnet Outdoors – F. Smith – NC

40*F Top Quilt from Hammock Gear – S. Dunmire – MN

40*F Under Quilt From Hammock Gear – P. Rodriguez – NY

Charity Hike Update

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Raffle is this Saturday. Plan on filming the raffle Saturday afternoon and should have the video up by the evening.

Training is still on par. Fell off the wagon on the weekends as far as eating right. Got down as low as 147 lbs but I’ve been carbing up so now I’m hovering between 150 lbs to 152 lbs. Depending on the dinner the night before.

Contacted the vendors today to make sure all raffle items are still valid for Saturday. So far so good with the feed back from them. Thank you guys so much!!!!

Still time to get in on the raffle. You’ll be entered in the raffle based on your donation of $10 or more by 11:59 PM EST on May 18, 2012.

Total donations received so far is:


A little shy on the $3,000 mark but it all goes to a great cause!

Stay tuned and stay gangsta,

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Noobs Guide To Shotguns

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Hunting/Firearms

Well ladies and gentlemen…. It was about to happen eventually since I enjoy the outdoors. From camping, to backpacking, to kayaking…. Yep I’m getting into hunting. Now I’m no stranger to firearms I’ve personally owned a .22lr for a few years which I shoot for target practice at the local range.

Since I’ve decided to take a go at hunting the NY laws in my area prohibit the use of rifles for hunting the game I want to go after (Deer & Turkey) so my only other option besides a bow and arrow is the trusty shotgun. Since this is my first official shotgun there was a significant amount of learning when it comes to this particular firearm. So here’s my noobs guide to the good old shotgun: Read the rest of this entry »

Harriman Hang, NY 2012

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Trip Reports & Video

Well it’s official… had my first hang with some forum members here on Hammock Forums DOT net. Read the rest of this entry »

OK so there’s no real significant update to my overall weight training. The only change is that I am striving to increase my weight lifted which in turn has decreased my reps. For example in the 0-5 week range I was squatting around 360 lbs on an assisted squat machine. Now I’m doing the same machine and maxing my 4-6 reps with 450 lbs. Same with my flat bench… I maxed at 185 lbs now I’m maxing at 205 lbs. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey guys haven’t done a video in a while so I figured I would show you my favorite ultralight down jacket:

A con that I forgot to mention in the video is that there seems to be a little down leaking out of the jacket. But to me not enough to be concerned about.

Also, all Montbell products are cut rather slim. I have an athletic build so all their products fit me just fine. But if you are a heavier person these products may not fit to your liking.

Very satisfied with this purchase!

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I’ve seen a few questions about which partial under quilt would be a better fit for someone. The questions have basically been coming down to HammockGear’s 3/4 Phoenix or Warbonnet’s 2/3 Yeti. Since I had both I figured I would put them head to head to help those out as to which one would be better for them based on visuals:


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