100 Mile Hike Training – Week 12

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK so there’s no real significant update to my overall weight training. The only change is that I am striving to increase my weight lifted which in turn has decreased my reps. For example in the 0-5 week range I was squatting around 360 lbs on an assisted squat machine. Now I’m doing the same machine and maxing my 4-6 reps with 450 lbs. Same with my flat bench… I maxed at 185 lbs now I’m maxing at 205 lbs.

The exercises I rotate in:

The following were the exercises used (3 Exercises were used for each muscle group for each training session and I tried to keep it varied each week):

Work Out Day 1 (Chest & Biceps):

Chest Press Flat (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Incline (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Decline (Dumbbells)

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Decline Machine

Chest Press Incline Machine

Flat Bench

Incline Bench

Decline Bench

Pectoral Raises (cables)

Barbell Curls (inner grip)

Barbell Curls (outer grip)

Dumbbell Curls

Hammer Curls

Rope Curls

Cable Curls

Work Out Day 2 (Quads & Triceps):
45 degree leg press

90 degree leg press

Leg Extensions

Seated Leg Press


Dumbbell extensions

Kickbacks (cables)

Skull Crushers

Seated Triceps Dips (Machine)

Triceps Rope pull downs

Weighted Dips (45lbs)

Work Out Day 3 (Back, Hamstrings, Shoulders):
Dumbbell Rows

Lat Pull Downs

Pull Ups

Seated Rows (Cables)

MTS High Rows (Machine)

MTS Low Rows (Machine)

Hamstring Curls (Machine)

Lunges (Dumbbells)

Glute Kick Backs (Machine)

Posterior & Anterior (Cables)

Military Press (Dumbbells)

Reverse Flys (Dumbbells)

Lateral Raise (Machine)

Standing Front Raise (Dumbbells)

Shoulder Press (Machine)

Major changes are really in diet. I’ve added at least 75 more grams of protein:


Now eating Oatmeal or Parfaits instead of dry cereal. (looking to increase protein and carbs)

Chicken breasts or sandwiches (usually turkey on whole wheat bread)


Chicken Breasts prepared in various fashions or
Fish or
5 egg whites and some wheat bread

Supplements Added:

I added a whey protein shake 1.5 hours before a weight training exercise and a work out supplement you take during an exercise. This is mainly used to stabilize my weight. As you can see I added more calories to my diet but in fact I’ve lost 2 more pounds since my last taping at 5 weeks in. Had I not had the supplements I would probably have lost around another 5 pounds as my body tends to shed weight rather quickly when I’m in training mode.

Time to do some actual hiking this weekend!

Kilt on,

Water Monkey

  1. Fibby says:

    Nice job WM! You got me inspired!

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