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Heading out June 2nd and hitting the trail by 10am.

Here’s a link to Track the Water Monkey on his progress:


Will report when I get back with video.

Peace out Ya’ll,

Water monkey


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Looks like a few people who are non hikers have declined their prizes so I have re-raffled the prizes:

10% discount to – D. DeLaiarro – NY

25% discount to ULA Equipment – W. Roddey – SC

Custom beer can pot lids:

R. Romas – MI
J. Henegar – TN

Congratulations to the winners. Emails will go out soon!!!

Kind regards,


Charity Hike Update

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Raffle is this Saturday. Plan on filming the raffle Saturday afternoon and should have the video up by the evening.

Training is still on par. Fell off the wagon on the weekends as far as eating right. Got down as low as 147 lbs but I’ve been carbing up so now I’m hovering between 150 lbs to 152 lbs. Depending on the dinner the night before.

Contacted the vendors today to make sure all raffle items are still valid for Saturday. So far so good with the feed back from them. Thank you guys so much!!!!

Still time to get in on the raffle. You’ll be entered in the raffle based on your donation of $10 or more by 11:59 PM EST on May 18, 2012.

Total donations received so far is:


A little shy on the $3,000 mark but it all goes to a great cause!

Stay tuned and stay gangsta,

Water Monkey

OK so there’s no real significant update to my overall weight training. The only change is that I am striving to increase my weight lifted which in turn has decreased my reps. For example in the 0-5 week range I was squatting around 360 lbs on an assisted squat machine. Now I’m doing the same machine and maxing my 4-6 reps with 450 lbs. Same with my flat bench… I maxed at 185 lbs now I’m maxing at 205 lbs. (more…)

Hey guys haven’t done a video in a while so I figured I would show you my favorite ultralight down jacket:

A con that I forgot to mention in the video is that there seems to be a little down leaking out of the jacket. But to me not enough to be concerned about.

Also, all Montbell products are cut rather slim. I have an athletic build so all their products fit me just fine. But if you are a heavier person these products may not fit to your liking.

Very satisfied with this purchase!

Peace out,

Water Monkey


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Awesome game!!!! Nail Biting till the end! Then a victory lap around my apartment while carrying my fiancé on my back!

Normal Daily Diet for 5 weeks:


1 ½ cups of dry cereal (Chex, Cheerios, Special K Corn Flakes), 1 – 2 cups of coffee or

3 eggs over easy with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast or

3 eggs scrambled with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with apricot preserves (sugar free) (more…)

2012 Charity Page is UP!

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Hey Gangstas and Gangstaettes,

Finalized My Charity Hike Page for 2012 and doing a whopping 100 miles for 3 charities. Check out the 2012 Charity Hike page for all the details…..

OH BTW – Any donation $10 or more will automatically enter you into a Raffle son!

Get some!

Water Monkey

Wishing everyone a happy 2012! To ring in the new year the Bumble and I decided to be as gangsta as we possibly can be while still having our usual fun and idiotic antics:

Gangsta Till The End Of The World,

Water Monkey & The Bumble LOGO SON!!

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Nuff said:


When keepin it real gets redic!!!

Play on playa,

Water Monkey