2012 Charity Hike

Welcome to the H3 Initiative: Hammock Hiking for Humanity


Strength For Life – A non-profit organization which provides free exercise classes to those going through chemo therapy and cancer survivors

Appalachian Trail Conservancy – 20% of the donations received by Strength For Life will be donated to this organization. Last year $300 was donated based on this process!

Alzheimer’s Foundation – I personally (El Water Monkey) will donate from my personal bank account the equivalent of 10% of the total donations received to this organization in memory of my grandmother who suffered from this disease.

TIME OFF FROM WORK GRANTED – Hike will begin June 2nd (Saturday) from the NY/CT Border and will end 11-13 days later in Dalton, MA. I will be hiking north bound on the Appalachian Trail.


OK you gear junkies… here’s an incentive for ya… For donations $10.00 or more I will enter your name into a raffle to receive an awesome product or discount from some great Cottage Industry Vendors who so graciously donated products for this raffle! OK here’s the skinny the drawing will be held on May 19, 2012. Once your name is drawn it will be taken out of the pot for the next drawing. An up to date listing of donors placed in the raffle can be found HERE

$10 Donation (9 Drawings):

Whoopie Slings of your choice & a single tarp ridgeline (not Dutch Addition) from Whoopieslings.com and a pair of carbon toggles from Buttinasling.com

15% Discount on your purchase from Zpacks

25% Discount on your purchase from ULA Equipment

5 Custom Lids from Smokeeater908 (Venom & RealTree designs) <5 Separate Drawings>

The Ultimate Hang Book by Derek Hansen

$25 Donation (7 Drawings):

Pair of down socks from Goosefeet Gear

Silnylon Rain Shell (Jacket) from Lukes Ultralite

Georgia Heat Stove from Smokeeater908

Mini Heat Cook Kit w/ 12oz Pot from Smokeeater908

Complete NKT Hammock from NK Outdoors

Rana Neck Knife from Diaz Tools Plus if you donate you will get 30% off ANY of his knives

White Mountain Outpost Deluxe Hammock from White Mountain Industrial Sewing

$50 Donation (3 Drawings):

A Blackbird Hammock from Warbonnet Outdoors and 2 pairs of carbon toggles from Buttinasling.com

A 40*F 900fp Down Top Quilt from Hammock Gear

A 40*F Summer Phoenix 900fp Down Under Quilt from Hammock Gear


click HERE to place a donation OR
Send a check or money order to:
Strength For Life
902 Constance Lane
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
(Put Water Monkey Hike in the Memo)

 Whoopieslings.com          Lukes Ultralite        NKOutdoorGear.webs.com  Sticksblog.com Mofongo-Con-Pernil

Video Shout Outs:

  1. Lafayette says:

    Great stuff Watermonkey! Is this charity hike going to be a solo for you or can the public join in and hike?

    • Anyone is willing to come with for part or all of the hike. I plan on doing about 10 – 15 mile days depending on weather and how I’m feeling that day. And I’m staying in town for a couple of days to do laundry and get some rest (after all I am on vacation) around the 70 mile marker in Great Barrington, MA

  2. […] please, Head on over to WaterMonkey.net for more details and help the Monkey raise some funds. Plus, the more we donate, the more […]

  3. bearchaser says:

    Excellent Raul. Your doing a good thing here. You are gangsta my friend, no need to tell you stay that way. I popped the info up on my blog to help spread the word.

  4. David says:


    I so wanted to hang for a night with you on this trip but unfortunately after reviewing your schedule it won’t be possible. I’ll have to catch up with you another time.


  5. […] information, check out Water Monkey’s video below, and be sure to visit his personal blog Trail Name – Water Monkey to find out how you can help be a part of this […]

  6. GTS says:

    It is heart warming to know that there are still people in this world who take their passions and turn it into a means to make a difference for those in need…. God bless you efforts!

  7. Kirk says:

    Stormstaff from Hammockforums. I’ll be throwing a donation your way later tonight or tomorrow. Stay gansta brutha! Oh, The Bumble rocks!

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