Dealing with Hurricane Sandy

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here on Long Island we are currently dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

As with Irene being a hiker allows me with some small comfort that I can move me and my family at a moments notice and fair well in less than ideal conditions.

Flooding has started on the south shore of Long Island, NY where I live 14 hours before the hurricane is supposed to reach us.

Based on current weather forecast we will not receive the rains as earlier predicted. However we will receive the high winds (gusts to 80-90 mph) and high tides (looks to be about 8-12 feet above normal).

We have the proper provisions for an extended stay without power. However, I fear many on the island didnt take this particular storm as serious as others. Most neighborhoods at marinas and near the coast have been evacuated.

Stay safe for those who will be effected on the East Coast.

I’m going to scout out the prelim flooding near my neighborhood to assess and plan accordingly.

Stay Gangsta.

Water Monkey out

  1. Thanks for the update… tried to get onto the beach yesterday to check out the waves (a must do during any storm) but was turned back by the police (bummer!)

    On a totally different note, tried out a hammock tent for the first time a couple of weekends ago up around Silvermine Lake… the tops man! Not sure if I’ll use anything else now.

    Be cool,

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