Appalachian Trail Hike – New York State

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Trip Reports & Video

OK like I said in my intro video I’m going to have video trips on my blog. Why not have my entire section hike of the NY Appalachian Trail. In this you will actually see a huge transition from lightweight backpacking to Ultralight Backpacking as well as a push to do longer distances each day.

Lets take a look back to May 30, 2010 when my buddy (Gear Slug) and I decided to spend 5 days on the AT. We ended up obtaining a shuttle from a member at (Askus3) to NY 17A and we hiked north to Hessian Lake at Bear Mountain for 33 miles.

This was my first multi-day hike for that type of distance on the AT. I had a base weight of approx 14 lbs with a total pack weight of 29 lbs for 5 days (pack used was a ULA Circuit). Our goal… 5-8 miles each day. Yes… I was also kilt-less and wasn’t gangsta at all… well at least I earned my trail name from Gear Slug this trip, Let’s take a look, Shall WEEEEEEE:

So I learned a lot about this trip. I learned that a lot of what I brought I really didnt need or could use a lighter alternative. My boots got switched out to trail runners, changed my rain gear, got a lighter summer quilt, I found out about the Awesomeness of hiking with a kilt, paired down my med kit, got a lighter knife, discovered the cuben revolution for my tarp and stuff sacks, got a lighter and smaller pack (ULA OHM), and got a great Christmas present (al la macbook pro) so my vids started coming out in better quality.

I also started training a bit differently as far as weight training to go longer distances… why??? Because if you watched in the above videos a jerk section hiker basically disrespected us for our distances each day. Nobody looks down upon the Water Monkey! I was fired up and ready to put in double digit miles. But I wasn’t about to let that fire consume me. I turned that spark into something positive. I came up with a charity idea… H3 Initiative: Hammock Hiking for Humanity. I ended up raising $1,465 for charity of which $300 went to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for trail maintenance.

Unfortunately my hiking buddy Gear Slug decided for a change in his career and went back to school. Therefore he had to bail on the adventure this time.

Lets finish off this state Gangsta Style in full Water Monkey Fashion starting late June 2011 beginning from Hessian Lake to the CT Border (53.2 Miles):

So there you have it… The Water Monkey has walked across the State of NY on the Appalachian Trail in 2 seasons. Made his way into ultralight status, went gangsta with double digit days, bustin out the kilt like in true thuggish fashion, and met a bunch of great thru hikers and section hikers this trip.

Thanks for watching.

When in doubt, kilt it out.

Thug Life,

Water Monkey

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