They call me a Survivalist???

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

So Hurricane Irene is basically a day away. I went to the store and picked up 2 bags of charcoal, 2 cases of water, and a few cans of soup. Yes even the cashier was like… whaaaaa??

Yes you read that right that’s all I got. Why do you ask? Cause Water Monkeys are magical and pull disaster relief out of thin air son!

I have basically everything I need. On average I stock up with about 3-4 weeks worth of dehydrated/freeze dried food for myself, I have lanterns, batteries, packs, sleeping bags, quilts, stoves (both iso & alcohol) and a couple boxes of MRE’s (before I discovered the wonders of freeze dried and dehydrated food).

Being a gear junkie has it’s benefits in times of potential disaster. I accumulated a good amount of gear from my journey on to lighter weight hiking. I sold a lot of stuff to fund other gear but for some reason I kept certain gear around in the storage unit. Why? I usually lend it out to buddies who want to come hiking with me so I kept the basics around – pack, lights, med kit, tent, sleeping bags, lanterns and stoves for car camping with the boy.

When I heard of the impending hit from a CAT 1 Hurricane here on Long Island, NY I saw people panicking including my Fiance. Chill out good lookin! I gots this! Snag some water and grab some charcoal cause we be in a rainy bbq!

As I hiker I know the basics. Shelter, fire, Water (collect and purify), Food and keep it mobile! That’s what you need in a disaster situation. Hunker down for as long as it is safe but be prepared to leave when things start to go sour. Hikers dont need electricity and hikers dont need a shower everyday. Electricity??? please I’ll just make a camp TV (fire).

My friends call me a survivalist. I think I’m just a constantly prepared hiker. Cause when I want to hike I just get up and head out.

Now if you excuse me I’m going to hike Mt Marcy the highest mountain in NY so I can be eye level with Hurricane Irene and give her the finger. Kidding… maybe.

Be safe out there!

Thug life,

Water Monkey

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