The Age of the Water Monkey Has Begun!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah that’s right people… Water Monkey has a blog.

Armageddon has begun. Sit back, relax and let the magic happen.

Thug Life,

Water Monkey

Update: 8/23/11… Told you Armageddon had begun… 1:50pm 4 days after the launch of the Eastern Seaboard shook in terror.

  1. Fronkey says:

    Awesome site! It’s really cool that you decided to make it more organized and personal. Looks like this is going to be a fun site to check out and I look forward to the future of


    • Thanks Buddy! Seems easier to just come to one spot to find what I said about something than to search through my endless videos. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed as far as facts. Always looking to improve.

  2. perrito says:

    Best of luck on your new site mono. Looking forward to more cool stuff. 😎
    Let me know when you’re ready to hit CT.

  3. Stick says:

    Dude, that video had me cracking up! I too am looking forward to see what you have in store for your blog! Great job so far…keep it up WM…

  4. Poppabear says:

    Looks good! I’m looking forward to seeing what you are up to.

  5. glennpw says:

    Nice job. I know it takes a lot of work to put something like this together.

  6. tritan says:

    YOu are straight crazyy… the kilt cracks me up. tritan

  7. jason says:

    Nice, nice place you got here. Good job on organizing the videos and info. Now let the poop throwing begin.

  8. johnabela says:

    Hey hey, got you added to my bloggers list at !!

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