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Ok you filthy animals. Let’s talk tarps. Over the past 3 years I’ve been cycling through a series of tarps ranging from different sizes to different materials looking for that ONE tarp to rule them all. Well I haven’t exactly found that ONE tarp but I have zeroed in on what I need for 3 season and winter season.

Now I will stress that a tarp is a mere personal choice based on exactly what YOU are looking for as far as coverage, weight and price. This is just my personal preferences and my Pros and Cons of each that I have noticed: (more…)

What… 2 kick ass blogs in less than 4 days??? Holla at your boy!

The monkey, the monkey, the monkey’s on fire…. we don’t need no water let that monkey fur burn!!!!

OK here’s a run down of my 3 season sleep system and the testing that it’s been through to get the all important WATER MONKEY APPROVED Status Son: (more…)

What’s up there Water Monkey supporters!!! Playa is throwin it down like Leroy Brown!

OK I’m on what seems to be a never ending quest to lower my pack weight. I’ve been toying with the idea of using my traveler as my main hammock and putting my black bird down next year…. NO it’s not for sale. You’ll have to pry that bad boy away with my kung fu grip and my kung fu is STRONG SON! (more…)